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From patient files – Are Urinary Tract Infections Getting You Down? (Not to mention your love life!)

 Many women, from their very first intimate relations, experience acute infections of the urinary tract. Known as “honeymoon cystitis”, the aching, burning, and sometimes unpleasant discharges of this serious infection compel an otherwise healthy and willing woman to avoid romantic encounters. Some women suffer these awful conditions each and every time – imagine the impact on a relationship: The pain can be excruciating and last several days, forcing the use of strong antibiotics, or steroidal creams (albeit for a different ailment, vaginosis) which, while suppressing symptoms fairly quickly, do not cure the root cause. 

Women can become very familiar with their local pharmacy as they go through round after round of prescription medication. This, of course, only unbalances their systems more, particularly if they are unaware of, and do not take high-dose beneficial probiotics to replenish the good bacterial flora killed off in their intestinal and pelvic systems. The solution? In addition to the aforementioned probiotics therapy, homeopathic medicines can perform wonders, clearing years of repetitive UTI’s and antibiotics. In my own practice, I have seen well-administered remedies – Staphysagria in particular - prevent urinary tract and vaginal infections with one dose, even following intimate relations. These relieved women may require only a couple of more doses to maintain their new freedom from burning, pain, etc., transforming them into the glowing pictures of health they were meant to be.

From patient files – The Importance of Commu​nication in Good Homeopathic Practice

KM – Recently, a patient threw out her back after a weekend of moving and heavy lifting – she could barely walk, sit, or stand straight from the pain. Not wanting to take painkillers, (which just numb the pain and affect the liver) she initially took a natural anti-inflammatory – Curcumin – that generally works for her. It didn’t reduce the pain or stiffness, though, so we tried another natural painkiller based on NEM and white willow (which is the source of aspirin). This helped a bit, but not enough, and a fitfull night’s sleep only seemed to aggravate the situation. 

     Next, based on probable trauma to the back muscles, the patient took doses of Arnica every ½ hour for about 2 hours and the stabbing pain subsided considerably. An osteopathic manipulation did help in eliminating a headache and loosening up the hip joints, but the stitching pain returned that night. 

     By next morning, the pain was excruciating, and Arnica no longer improved it – in fact, the “lightening strikes” felt more like nerve damage. Homeopathic Hypericum - excellent for nerve damage and pain - was prescribed, first in a lower potency, which relieved the pain tremendously, then in a higher dose the next day, which virtually eliminated it. Caution was advised however, for the patient to get plenty of rest, and refrain from strenuous activities till completely healed and confident of bending down. Sometimes, 2 or more medicines are required to fix a problem!

Individualization works in Homeopathic medicine 

Two people – a 2 year-old girl, (AK) an​d a 63 year-old man (RM) - each developed a stye on their lower eyelid. A typical remedy for styes is Silica, however this did not work for the gentleman. Looking closer at his personality characteristics determined a different choice of remedy - I gave him Lycopodium. Although he had suffered with a large, round, white stye for at least 6 months, this new homeopathic medicine  softened, changed shape,  and drained the stye within 2 ½ weeks! 

 With the second case, the little girl would run around almost aimlessly, much as a bee appears to do when searching for nectar. I gave her 3-4 teaspoons of a liquid remedy - Apis -prepared from bees and the red, itchy swelling on her lower lid subsided within an hour – mom was so pleased! These two brief examples clearly demonstrate how similar m​edical problems can be healed by looking at key individualizing traits. Homeopathy does it again!


A few years ago, my husband and I were hoping to expand our family. Although we already had two little girls, I had not been able to conceive nor had my menses in at least 2 years. During my consultation with Madeleine, she took detailed notes on all my symptoms, including dietary and thirst preferences, whether I reacted in the sun or heat, and dreams, among other things. She also took many details on my mental state, as I believe I was depressed and anxious at the time. Madeleine prescribed a homeopathic medicine for me and within 1 month my periods returned – have been regular since – and within 4 months I was expecting!


On the advice of an employee, I called Madeleine to see if there was anything she could do for my hands. They were swollen, stiff, and painful to the point where I could barely hold a pen to sign, let alone make and handle heavy truck clutch parts. Based on other important symptoms and that my mother had passed away only 6 months before, she prescribed the homeopathic medicine Rhus tox, and in over the course of about 4 months, my hands regained their strength and flexibility. I have resumed my work, as well as my favourite hobbies – woodworking and painting – and my hands are now pain-free.


I met Madeleine in her office for several ongoing physical ailments including herpetic (shingles-type) eruptions on my back, severe constipation, and UTI’s. During the first consultation she was able to determine that most of these were based in long-standing emotional issues. The homeopathic remedy she prescribed worked immediately to begin undoing many of these issues and improving my health over the next year or so. As my symptoms changed, she also adjusted the type of medicine as well its potency to ensure that healing continued. I never thought that long-ago emotional incidents could affect my health, and that homeopathy could help improve it. I would like add that she is a caring, genuine and knowledgeable practitioner and I am grateful that our paths crossed.


For many months I had a large, round stye on the bottom right eyelid. It was beginning to bother my vision, so I talked to Madeleine about this. She gave me a typical remedy for this – homeopathic Silica – but 2 weeks later the stye was unchanged. She researched a few more of my symptoms and prescribed another homeopathic medicine. Well, the same day she gave me the dose, I felt some tingling at that spot, and within a week, the round stye had changed to a long, pointy shape. Within 10 days, there was a slight burning once when I showered and the stye drained and healed. It has not returned since.


I met Madeleine through a family friend who knew that I had itchy, dry skin all over, especially over my neck, head, chest, arms and upper legs since a long time. I had been given cortisone creams to use, but as soon as I stopped, it all came back even worse.   Madeleine took my case in full detail, regarding when my ailment started and under what circumstances, which included several serious disappointments in my life. She prescribed homeopathic Sulphur, a couple of doses about 1 month apart. When she called to see how I was doing, I had forgotten about the itching, it was gone!

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