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Our Philosophy

“Towards Optimal Health”

In practice, our goal is to examine effects of past personal history and current circumstances – emotional traumas, surgery, or serious illnesses – to verify the sources of imbalance which cause sickness and “un-wellness” and begin the process of permanent healing.

For children and infants, even the birth experience or mother’s health during pregnancy may have contributed to a child’s current afflictions.

Our mission is to determine any deficiencies in diet or lifestyle, then give the best homeopathic medicine to clear remaining health problems. Trained in classical homeopathy, we prescribe a single remedy at a time to stimulate the body’s own natural healing power to cure whatever ailment is present. In serious, long-term cases, this does take time and potentially several doses, however we have seen miraculous restoration of health. Our body’s God-given innate power can and will heal the body, given the right tools.

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5468 Dundas St. West, Suite 101

Toronto (Etobicoke), Ont.

M9B 6E3

(West of Kipling Subway station)


The Healer's Path Homeopathy @ 

 Naturopathic Wellness and Allergy Clinic

Tel: 416- 996-5767

Tel: 416- 207-0207

By appointment only -

We accept:

Cash, Cheques, Debit/Credit


     Wednesdays: 10-1 pm

     Fridays: 10-1 pm

     Saturdays: 9-4 pm

     Sundays: Closed


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