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Kids' Health 

As a classically-trained homeopath, who holds a degree in psychology (Exceptionality in Human Learning), and worked as an Instructor Therapist for children with autism, I believe I am well equipped to discern serious emotional and mental issues in young ones.  Also, 15 years of teaching primary grade children has given me the experience to determine the best course of treatment. At The Healer's Path, now practicing at Naturopathic Wellness & Allergy Clinic, and Cure Integrative Clinic we will treat: 


Acute illnesses - Colds, Flu, fever, allergies, trauma, burns, headaches, earaches, digestive issues,                                 colic, etc... 

Chronic disorders -ADD/ADHD, Autism

                             -Tonsillitis and enlarged adenoids which is associated with snoring, sleep apnea,                                                hearing and speech difficulties and delays

                             -Sleeping problems - hyperactivity at bedtime, refusing to fall asleep, frequent                                                    wakings during the night, nightmares/night terrors, and bedwetting

                            - Behavioural - anger, hitting, irritability

                            - Emotional - anxiety, grief, withdrawal and emotional issues.

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5468 Dundas St. West, Suite 101

Toronto (Etobicoke), Ont.

M9B 6E3

(West of Kipling Subway station)


The Healer's Path Homeopathy @ 

 Naturopathic Wellness and Allergy Clinic

Tel: 416- 996-5767

Tel: 416- 207-0207

By appointment only -

We accept:

Cash, Cheques, Debit/Credit


     Wednesdays: 10-1 pm

     Fridays: 10-1 pm

     Saturdays: 9-4 pm

     Sundays: Closed


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